wood pellets
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Wood pellets


We offer premium light pellets that conform to German standard DIN+.
Only clear and dry wood without bark and branches is used for the production of these pellets.
Glue is not used in the production of fuel pellets, binding substance is the natural lignin which emit when the temperature is high and wood is under high pressure.

Price: 140.00 Eur one pallet
Diameter: 6 mm
Heating value: 4300–4700 Kcal
Ash: 0.5%
Humidity: 8-9%
Density: 650 – 750 kg/m3
Package: 15 kg bag * 65 pcs = 975 kg one pallet.
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Product Description

Wood pellets: the environmentally friendly source of fuel.

Wood pellets are a solid bio fuel, which is made from shredded wood waste, such as dry sawdust and wood chips. The pellets are made by compressing the raw material under intense pressure to form cylinders of 6-8 mm in diameter and 10-30 mm in length; they can be packed in plastic bags of 10-15 kg, in BigBags 1 ton weight or bulk in a tank. We offer bright, high quality wooden pellets corresponding to German standard DIN +

Solid bio fuels with high-energy concentration in a small volume.

On the global market of bio the fuel, heating pellets become more and more popular, because they are convenient, since pellets can be fed automatically into the combustion chamber where they burn without any specific smells. Pellets do not emit CO2, which is characteristic for combustion of coal or fuel oil. To produce 1 m³ of wood pellets it is required to compress from 7 to 10 m³ of dry sawdust. Recycling of wood is a relatively cost-effective and energy-saving method that allows converting the otherwise waste biomass into “green” energy.

Production of wood pellets without chemical additives.

For the production of pellets is used chemically clean and dry sawdust, without bark, sand and other impurities. No adhesives are used in the pressing process; the binder is the natural lignin contained in the wood, which is released at higher temperatures and under high compression. Thus, our sawdust pellets are the environmentally friendly fuel that contains no chemical additives.

The advantages of the heating pellets in comparison with dry firewood:

In terms of heat, generation pellets are 1.5 times more efficient than the wood dried in natural conditions and can be compared with coal, while substantially different from coal by low ash residue. Combustion of granules occurs without soot and smoke, carbon monoxide, as opposed to combustion of liquid fuel or wood.

Pellets in comparison with dry firewood:

  • Automation of fuel supply
  • Calorific value is 1.5 times as much
  • Adhesives are not used
  • Take 2 times less storage volume
  • After combustion pellet ash residue is less than 1%
  • Pellets smolder and burn three times as long as the ordinary firewood
  • Due to their high density, spontaneous combustion is impossible

 The quality of the heating pellets is easy to check.

One of the indicators of pellets quality is their mechanical density, which can be checked by squeezing a pellet: it should not crumble. The surface should be hard and shiny, a pellet when broken in half should crunch. If the wood pellet can be crumbled into dust, its density is not sufficient and it is not a quality product; it would produce a lot of ash and little heat. Well-compressed, high-quality pellets should have an average weight of 650 kg / m³. This can be easily verified at home, just take 1 litter of pellets and weigh them, the weight should be somewhere between 600 to 700 grams.

Wood pellets are not demanding to storage conditions.

Unpacked pellets and wood briquettes can be stored for months in an unheated room. Humidity affects them slowly; they do not lose the energetic value even after prolonged storage. In a warm room, they are completely safe; because of high density, they are not capable of spontaneous combustion.

Packed pellets and peat briquettes are compact and easy to use; they take up little space, allowing making reserves for any period. Solid bio fuels are used for heating in private houses, combined heat and power plants and for other commercial purposes worldwide. Storage time of high-quality pellets is not limited.





Additional Information

Weight 975 kg

Private 12%, Companies 21%, Foreign​ ​сompanies 0%