wood briquettes
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Wood briquettes


The briquettes are made of 100% ecologically clean sawdust. Without chemical additives and binders in accordance with German DIN +  standard.

Price: 200.00 Eur one ton
Heating value: 4700 Kсal
Ash: less 1%
Humidity: 8-10%
Density: 950 – 1100 kg/m3
Size: 150*100*60 mm
Weight of briquette: 880 gr
Package: 12 pc * 880 = 10.5 kg
Bulk size: 1.2 m3
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Product Description

Fuel wood briquettes – description and specifications.

Fuel briquettes are the advanced, environmentally friendly fuel of high quality made from renewable natural resources, which release more heat than firewood of natural humidity. The calorific value of sawdust briquettes with the moisture content of 8-10% is two times as high as that of dry wood with the moisture content of 20-40%.

Wood briquettes: the environmentally friendly fuel.

Briquettes made from 100% environmentally clean sawdust without any chemical additives and binders. The high quality briquettes production does not involve use adhesives; the binder is the natural lignin contained in the wood, which is released under pressure. Due to the high density of sawdust briquettes, they are very efficient fuel. In our region most popular is pine wood briquettes, manufactured from sawdust of softwood, deciduous wood briquettes is used rarely. Straw briquettes or other agricultural crops, are still pretty much exotic.

RUF Briquettes are made in accordance with strict quality standards.

Rectangular heating briquettes look like a small brick; they are made using hydraulic presses under the pressure of 300 bars; their name comes after the name of the manufacturer of the RUF presses in Germany. In Germany heating briquettes are certified in accordance with German standards DIN 51731 or DIN + Norm that ensure that no foreign or dangerous substances pressed into the RUF briquettes in the production process.

Compactness and usability of briquettes.

Small-sized briquettes from sawdust can easily fit in the furnaces of any size, they burn evenly and smolder in fireplaces for a long time. Wood briquettes are suitable for boilers of different capacities, boilers of continuously long burning, furnaces, saunas, fireplaces and other heating equipment for solid fuels. Unlike firewood, briquettes after combustion leave not large lumps of charcoal; high quality briquettes are burned without a trace, turning into ashes. Then ash is used as an effective and biologically pure nitrogen fertilizer.

Briquettes as the main or the alternative fuel.

Every year, all over the world use of wood briquettes fuel is becoming more popular. In private homes, in addition to the main boiler, a heating fireplace for briquettes is installed, and depending on the air temperature either the boiler or fireplace is used. One ton of compressed fuel can replace about 3 cubic meters of firewood. RUF briquettes release twice as much heat energy as firewood, which takes much more room for storage.

Ease of use and safety of briquettes.

As fuel, the briquettes are inexpensive, but very efficient for heating. Due to the rectangular shape, they are easy to transport. Briquettes do not need chopping, drying and stacking in a woodpile, delivered on pallets, they can be stored in your warehouse for a long time. Their ignition temperature is about 200 degrees C, but even though they are rather dry and dense material, briquettes for heating are not prone to spontaneous combustion, so they can be safely stored in a dry warehouse.

Fuel briquettes are easy to transport in the car.

Sawdust briquettes and peat briquettes are convenient to take with on a picnic, they do not spit like raw firewood and smolder for a long time, they are ideal for a barbecue: it takes four briquettes to cook one kilogram of meat, it’s as simple as it can get. In addition to simplicity, it is also comfortable: when burning woodchip briquettes do not release acrid fume, irritating the eyes and the respiratory tract.

Advantages of fuel briquettes:

  • No sparkles
  • High heat output
  • Long duration of burning
  • Low ash content of 0.5-1.0%
  • Ease of transport
  • Dry briquettes do not dirty hands
  • Minimum amount of smoke
  • Do not need pre-drying
  • Burn evenly, with a constant temperature
  • Need a minimum of storage room
  • Safety no acrid fumes released when burning

Wood briquette fuel and wood pellets one ton weight contains about 80-100 kg of water, while a ton wood contains 200-400 kg of water. While burning firewood, some of the heat energy is used to dry out damp wood. Come to think of it – does it make sense to pay for moisture?






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Weight 970 kg

Private 12%, Companies 21%, Foreign​ ​сompanies 0%