peat briquettes
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Peat briquettes


Due to high density,  peat  briquettes are able to burn a long time, and capable to burn from 6 to 12 hours. The peat is completely smokeless, and gives a wonderful aroma when you burn it in your stove.

Price: 90.00 Eur one ton
Heating value: 3500-3800 Kcal
Ash: 15%
Humidity: 16%
Package: 50 kg or 500 kg bags
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Product Description

Peat briquettes is fossil fuel.

Burning turf is tightly compacted bricks of the same size made from materials of organic origin resulting from biological degradation of marsh plants. During thousands of years, the biomass decomposes and turns into peat, and then it becomes brown coal, and then stone coal. Now you know that the pressed peat is a kind of coal with very similar calorific value. Because of its high density, a peat brick is able to maintain heat from 6 to 12 hours.

Peat briquettes made of renewable resources.

Burning turf is 100% bio fuel from natural components, formed by the partial decomposition of plants. Peat fuel is dried and compressed under high pressure without any binders and additives. Burning peat  is the ecologically clean fuel of high caloric value, which, whilst burning, produces much more heat in comparison with that produced by firewood. Here is a way to think about it: the heating capacity of one metric ton of peat briquettes equals to that of four cubic meters of birch firewood.

Briquettes of peat: smokeless fuel with a pleasant aroma.

Peat for heating is an ecologically clean fuel with high heat emission; peat is a direct competitor of stone coal; Peat fuel have one of the most affordable prices for fuel. Peat briquettes are used for heating private houses and commercial buildings all over the world. In areas where peat is the main fuel, it is used for heating and cooking. Peat briquettes are ideal for long or nightlong burning. Burning peat  is a smokeless fuel and when lit in the furnace it releases a pleasant aroma.

Peat briquettes are sometimes called young coal.

Mankind has been using peat for the past many years to keep the fire. Coal is a source of fuel, which made the industrial revolution possible, it was the coal-fed boilers that made the steam engines work. Coal had been widely used for steam locomotives. Due to the fact that peat briquettes have high calorific value and maintain temperature it for a long time, both coal and peat briquettes are still used in production of heat and electricity.

Advantages of peat fuel:

Peat briquettes are easy to store, you don’t even need a lot of space for storage. Shaped as rectangular bricks, stacked on a pallet the fuel does not take up much space in a garage or warehouse. In addition to that, peat ash is used as an effective potash fertilizer.

  • Convenience of storing
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Ash used as fertilizer
  • Smooth, long burning without flame
  • Calorific value is comparable to coal’s

The popularity of alternative solid fuels, such as wood pellets, peat briquettes and wood briquettes is on the rise, as the quality of the fuel and the efficiency of heating equipment improve. Due to the smooth, almost flameless, without excessive heat and temperature changes, you can precisely calculate the consumption of peat briquettes and the costs for the heating season accordingly. Have you already tried the best of bio-fuels, the present-day peat fuel?


Additional Information

Weight 1000 kg

Private 12%, Companies 21%, Foreign​ ​сompanies 0%