Particle board
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Particle board


Product Description

Particle board 2070*2800 mm = 5.79 m2
Thickness, mm Eur/m3 Eur/sheet Eur/m2
10 125 7.25 1.25
12 125 8.7 1.50
15 125 10.87 1.88
16 125 11.59 2.00
18 125 13.04 2.25
22 125 16 2.76
25 125 18.11 3.13
Particle board 1830*2750 mm = 5.03 m2
Thickness, mm Eur/m3 Eur/sheet Eur/m2
10 125 6.29 1.09
16 125 10.07 1.74
18 125 11.33 1.96
22 125 13.9 2.40
25 125 15.73 2.72
Particle board 2440*3050 mm = 7.44 m2
Thickness, mm Eur/m3 Eur/sheet Eur/m2
16 125 14.89 2
28 125 26.05 3.5
38 125 35.35 4.75
Particle board
Particle board 2070*2650 mm = 5.48 m2
Thickness, mm Eur/m3 Eur/sheet Eur/m2
15 125 10.29 1.88
Particle board 2100*2400 mm = 5.04 m2
Thickness, mm Eur/m3 Eur/sheet Eur/m2
15 125 9.45 1.88
Particle board 2440*4100 mm = 10.0 m2
Thickness, mm Eur/m3 Eur/sheet Eur/m2
28 125 35.02 3.5
Particle board 2440*4200 mm = 10.25 m2
Thickness, mm Eur/m3 Eur/sheet Eur/m2
28 125 35.89 3.5
Particle board 2440*3050 mm = 7.44 m2
Thickness, mm Eur/m3 Eur/sheet Eur/m2
38 125 35.47 4.77
Particle board 1220*3050 mm = 3.72 m2
Thickness, mm Eur/m3 Eur/sheet Eur/m2
28 125 13.03 3.5
Particle board 1830*2440 mm = 4.46 m2
Thickness, mm Eur/m3 Eur/sheet Eur/m2
16 125 8.93 2
18 125 10.05 2.25

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Particle board (Wood – chipboard) is the time-tested material.

Particle board is a structural sheet material widely used. Particleboards are manufactured by hot pressing wood shavings and sawdust using a binder based on phenol-formaldehyde resin. In such boards wood shavings and sawdust are arranged randomly, which significantly simplifies and accelerates the production of boards. Chipboards are most widely used for furniture manufacturing and in construction industry. The main advantage of chipboard board is a high mechanical strength and increased moisture resistance at a relatively low price in comparison with natural wood or edge glued furniture sheets.

Particleboard is a universal and inexpensive material.

Particleboards are manufactured in the form of flat rectangular sheets of 3 mm thickness and above. Particleboards’ dimensions are standardized and vary from 1830 to 5680 mm in length, and from 1220 to 2500 mm in width. Sellers can always select in the catalogue the optimal size for the customer’s order to minimize waste.

Laminated chipboard:  moisture is not an issue.

To give the particleboards an attractive appearance and to simulate fine wood the board sheets are laminated, i.e., coated on one or both sides with natural veneer of valuable species of trees, or with decorative plastic films or paper, simulating natural wood or various textures. Laminating film or paper is bonded to the boards by the melamine- resin- based adhesive. Due to laminating protective films, particleboards acquire additional strength and moisture resistance; they can confront aggressive environments and hold well against mechanical damage. After lamination, the material does not require additional processing and is ready for use.

Why furniture made of chipboard is so popular.

The biggest consumer of particleboard is the furniture industry. Furniture made of particleboard has high aesthetic appeal, thanks to the widest range of laminates (laminated particleboard and laminated MDF). The abundance of types of veneer, variety of colors and textures makes furniture modern, beautiful and affordable for a wide range of consumers. For manufacturing of the furniture for kitchens and bathrooms, the water-resistant chipboard is used. Chipboards’ moisture resistance is achieved by impregnating them with paraffin or wax emulsions before forming. Furniture made of particleboard is not inferior to the furniture made of natural wood with respect to strength and comfort. Due to the wood veneer, the laminated boards have the same decorative looks. The only drawback of particle boards is the release of the fumes of the binder, which is formaldehyde into the atmosphere, so ordinary class E1 boards are not recommended for the production of furniture for children’s rooms or bedrooms. Instead, the environmentally friendly Super E grade particle boards   are is used for this purpose.

Where to buy chipboard and be confident in the quality.

Buying chipboard is easy today. You can purchase chipboard, as well as MDF board at specialized warehouses, which are available in almost any locality these days. They can be bought from regional dealers and in DIY stores or online shops. Many a seller provide additional services to attract buyers such as sawing chipboard according to the dimensions ordered by the customer.