MDF board
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MDF board

Hard, grinded MDF sheets 2070 x 2800 mm, density 760-800 kg/m3



Product Description

MDF board
MDF 2070*2800 = 5.796 m2
Thickness, mm Eur/m3 Eur/sheet Eur/m2
3 288 5 0.86
5 241 6.98 1.20
6 243 8.45 1.46
8 230 10.67 1.84
10 230 13.33 2.30
12 226 15.72 2.71
16 216 20.03 3.46
18 216 22.55 3.89
19 216 23.78 4.10
22 216 27.54 4.75
25 222 32.17 5.55
28 230 37.33 6.44
30 243 42.25 7.29
32 241 44.7 7.71
35 241 48.89 8.44
38 260 57.26 9.88
40 272 63 10.87

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MDF board – a modern wood alternative.

Over the last several years the problem of preserving ecology and finding an alternative to natural wood that will level with it in its technical characteristics has become acute.
Wood has been successfully replaced with fibreboard materials, which show characteristics that, in some cases, surpass natural wood.
MDF sheets are considered to be the most popular material in high demand, manufactured from dried wooden fibres that are compressed with the help of synthetic adhesives.
The main characteristics of MDF board are durability, reliability, and a possibility to process almost without any special equipment.
MDF sheets  are quite often compared to particle boards – they share a common manufacturing process. However, they are a bit different in structure, as MDF fibres are compressed according to specially designed technology under high pressure.

Mdf furniture board.

The most popular area where laminated MDF board are used is furniture manufacturing.
This results from the fact that, being relatively light-weighted, MDF board have all the necessary characteristics of durability and strength.
At the same time, there are several types of particle board used in furniture manufacturing that allow to build complex structures – kitchen sets, living room sets, bedroom sets, etc.
The type of MDF is chosen according to the features of a particular furniture piece.
The use of MDF results from its simple processing – most often with a veneer slicer that allows to achieve precision of work pieces for manufacturing furniture and its components.

Mdf board.

Nowadays there are several main types of MDF boards:
• Fully molded – manufactured by method of hot compression of wooden particles. They are not very expensive, and have the aesthetics necessary for middle class furniture manufacturing;
• Laminated – are similar to fully molded, but film faced, which allows to manufacture panels of any colour, making them an irreplaceable element in furniture manufacturing and construction;
• Moisture resistant – a special group of MDF boards, marked by increased density, due to which they are not deformed or destroyed under the influence of wet environment.
Each panel has its own features, both in usage and in manufacture, therefore, before buying MDF board, clarify what type of panels you need for renovation or construction works.
MDF board characteristics:
Among the main characteristics of MDF boards we can single out:
• High durability of panels that allows to fix fittings during furniture manufacturing;
• Long service life;
• Ecological compatibility, as no substances harmful for human health are used during manufacturing;
• Increased level of sound proofing;
MDF board are used in furniture manufacturing, automotive industry, construction, and packaging manufacturing.