Marine plywood
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Marine plywood


Product Description

Laminated plywood I grade
Thickness, mm Eur/m3 Eur/sheet Eur/m2
9 557 15.67 5.01
10 551 17.22 5.51
12 515 19.32 6.18
15 515 24.14 7.73
18 515 29 9.28
21 528 34.65 11.09
Marine plywood
Laminated plywood II grade
Thickness, mm Eur/m3 Eur/sheet Eur/m2
9 545 15.33 4.91
10 539 16.85 5.39
12 505 19 6.08
15 505 23.68 7.58
18 505 28.41 9.09
21 515 33.8 10.82

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Laminated marine plywood for decoration and repair.

To make marine plywood resistant to mechanical damage and moisture its upper layers are additionally covered with various materials, often with special transparencies. For veneer plywood are used valuable species of trees or films and paper that simulate valuable species of trees and various textures. Veneered plywood is used mainly in the furniture industry, construction, shipbuilding, and aircraft and for interior dressing of railroad cars. To manufacture the formwork plywood the moisture-proof film with low adhesion (stickiness) is used so that plywood can be used several times in the cast – frame construction. The formwork plywood due to lamination with protective films acquires additional strength and moisture resistance, thus it becomes resistant to aggressive environment. The ends of the formwork plywood are covered with waterproof paints; Formwork laminated plywood is produced in thickness 18 mm and 21 mm.

What is so good about water-resistant plywood?

Laminated plywood that will be used outdoors or in damp wet rooms, on ships etc., comes in a special water-resistant version and labeled as waterproof plywood FOF.

For bonding layers of waterproof plywood is used a special water repellent adhesive based on phenol-formaldehyde resin. The main advantage of waterproof plywood, as well as OSB board – is the preservation of its consumer properties and strength characteristics in contact with water or moisture.

Where marine plywood can be used.

Being one of the varieties of water-resistant plywood, marine plywood has a number of specific features. It is strong, lightweight, and is resistant to salty seawater and direct sunlight. Traditionally, for manufacturing marine plywood is used birch plywood veneer, which is a light and durable material. As a manufacturer of plywood, Latvia is quite a serious player on the global market.

Over the years marine plywood manufacturing technologies have been perfected that allows production of marine plywood, which can be used not only in shipbuilding, but also in various other industries. For various purposes, marine plywood is laminated with various veneer or films at one or two sides.

Need plywood in Riga? It’s not a problem!

In Latvia, a number of businesses produce the multi layer plywood of marine grades. Plywood in Riga is not hard to come by because there are a great variety of dealer companies selling products from the largest enterprises producing it. However, before buying you should pay attention to what kind of wood the veneer is made from, because it affects its specifics and durability of use. In order to buy high-quality plywood large stores and authorized dealers should be preferred because they do not violate the temperature and humidity conditions during storage.