Laminated MDF
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Laminated MDF


Product Description

Laminated MDF one side
Thickness, mm Eur/m3 Eur/sheet Eur/m2
16 252 23.37 4.03
18 252 26.29 4.54
19 252 27.75 4.79
22 252 32.14 5.55
25 260 37.68 6.50
Laminated MDF
Laminated MDF two side
Thickness, mm Eur/m3 Eur/sheet Eur/m2
16 267 24.76 4.27
18 267 27.86 4.81
19 267 29.4 5.07
22 267 34.05 5.87
25 277 40.14 6.93

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Laminated MDF: the main field of use is furniture.

MDF stands for “Medium Density Fiberboard”. For greater clarity – it is a structural sheet material of wide application, made by hot pressing of very fine sawdust. The size of sawdust particles is much smaller than it is in the chipboard and phenol formaldehyde resins are not used. Binding of sawdust in MDF is achieved by the impregnating paraffin and lignin, which is a natural substance present in sawdust.

Therefore, MDF is environmentally friendly; it does not emit harmful substances into the atmosphere. To give MDF a more attractive and aesthetic appearance the plates or shaped elements are covered with decorative films or paper of various colors, imitating diverse textures and valuable trees. due to the coating laminated MDF sheets become stronger, more water-resistant and resistant to corrosive substances. MDF can be laminated with natural veneer of valuable tree species. For decorative purposes, the film -laminated MDF is inferior to veneer, but it is more affordable. The films used for manufacturing floor covering from laminated MDF, have high mechanical strength and are very resistant to abrasion.

Laminated MDF boards are universal and inexpensive.

This is the main product in the line of fiberboard.  The boards laminated on one side are used in the manufacturing of furniture facades, for decoration of interior, and in making wainscot/ skirting boards.

Boards with double-sided lamination are used for making various partitions, backs and sides in upholstered furniture and beds.

Why laminated sheets are useful for making furniture?

The laminated furniture MDF board, as the name suggests, is the material for the manufacturing of furniture, furniture frames, cabinets – coupe, etc. The film -laminated MDF is more resistant to mechanical damage, abrasion and scratches. It is not afraid of direct contact with water. For production of the kitchen furniture or for use in bathroom the moisture-resistant MDF is a good material. Resistance to water and liquids is achieved due to impregnation of the material with paraffin, paraffin emulsions and hydrophobic substances. MDF laminated with films is more water resistant than painted MDF.

MDF laminated panels in construction and repair.

Decorative material for walls, ceilings and other interior elements. They have a smaller width than the particle board, many types of the boards have mortise and tenon connection at the edges to tie them together tightly. Recently, laminated floor panels gained popularity due to their high moisture resistance and mechanical strength of the coating and high aesthetic appeal. The cost of these sheets is not as high as that of parquet or wood flooring, but the service life is not inferior to them.